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On-the-job training

Student! Do you want to challenge yourself, use your skills and learn more as part of our motivated community? Do you want to complete your internship where the mission is to make the world around us more compassionate? 


We value each other's uniqueness, people are the salt of our work, and guidance and training are close to our hearts. Experiential pedagogy is an important way of thinking and working for each of us, and we believe that what we do has real meaning in our society. It is good for us to be together; we exist to help individuals find sustainable goals, strengths and direction. Our way of working, based on participation and working together, sets us apart from others; we are all crew members, not passengers.

We are constantly looking for inspired students who are interested in meeting people, growth and development. What you study doesn't matter to us; the most important thing for us is that you are yourself among us, you sign our values and you are willing to grow and develop with us. Over the years, e.g. batch and nature guide students, service design students, communication, marketing and photography students, education and guidance students, tourism students, psychology students, economics students, etc.


On-the-job training/learning on the job with us includes a wide range of tasks; from the planning of activities and events to their implementation, communication and marketing tasks, equipment maintenance, guiding in courses and trainings, networking, etc. Work is done both together and independently, face-to-face and remotely. We also want to offer students the opportunity to stop and think about their innermost self and their own activities without rushing. Dreaming is part of every day of our work! We want you to be able to utilize your own strengths as well as develop with new things. No training session with us is like another; how it turns out for you depends on your own goals and motivation. Our office is located in Lahti, but operations are carried out all over Finland. 


Come with

If you feel that what we do is valuable and you share the same values with us, send us a free-form application and tell us about your own motivation in the form that suits you best.

First, however, find out the practices of your educational institution regarding internships and review for yourself the goal-oriented and substantive requirements related to internships. Also consider what kind of on-the-job learning is meaningful and inspiring for you. 

Applications can be delivered to the 

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