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For young people

Our experiential pedagogic courses for young people offer effective methods for learning social, community and environmental responsibility. They also serve as an excellent channel for implementing the goals of the new curriculum, building safe groups for discovering young people's potential and strengths, and strengthening community spirit. The operating environment for our courses is Finnish nature, which offers unlimited conditions for growth and development in all seasons.

Young people's well-being and safe, growth-supporting experiences are very important to us, and we want every young person to believe in themselves and their own abilities. The starting point of the courses aimed at young people and youth groups is that every young person is good and valuable in their own right.

The main themes of our courses are; 


  • safe groups and grouping 

  • strengthening social and meta skills 

  • finding your own strengths 

  • strengthening of self-esteem and self-image 

  • participation and agency

  • responsibility for oneself, others and the surrounding world

  • recognizing one's own resources and limits 

  • developing the ability to self-reflect

By contacting us, we can map out your group's needs together.

+358 40 505 0355

Teachers' and young people's experiences of our activities

How has experiential pedagogy affected the life of the junior class at Kukkanen elementary school? In the video, Sari Latvala and Jennika Leinonen share their own experiences of the class's participation in Outward Bound Finland's courses.

What is the young people's relationship with nature really like and what has nature taught them about themselves and others? More about this in the video, where young people who participated in Outward Bound Finland's courses tell what being in nature has taught them.

The development of social skills is a basic requirement in many areas of life. Outward Bound's courses allow young people the opportunity to practice life management skills, support better learning at school and survive in everyday life in new environments. In the video, you can hear the moods of young people after participating in the course.

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