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Outward Bound Finland Association implements various development projects and projects annually with separate funding alone or with its partners. Through the projects, the aim is to experiment and find new good ways of working, new target groups for the activity, and fields of application of experiential pedagogic expertise. On this page you can find information about both our ongoing and completed projects.

Action - Equality and equality functionally

LAB and Outward Bound Finland ry organize in 2024
a training series that utilizes experiential pedagogy, which develops knowledge about equality and equality and related plans. 
The target group is Lahti, Jyväskylä and Kuopio 2nd grade teachers, principals and staff responsible for student guidance. 

We emphasize an interactive and conversational learning atmosphere. Your equality and equality skills have a great impact on students, so come build relevance and learn more from colleagues and experts. More about the projectfrom here.

The training is implemented with funding from the Board of Education. 


SOTELI - Building a common understanding of exercise and well-being

Haaga-Helia amk, LAB University of Applied Sciences, Outward Bound Finland ry and Suomen Urheiluopiston Kannatusosakeyhtiö jointly implement SOTELI - YHTEISTÄ understanding building a project on exercise and well-being.

The project develops the sports knowledge of social, health and sports professionals and future professionals as a multidisciplinary collaboration.
The second goal is to strengthen the client encounter and interaction skills of professionals implementing exercise counseling and lifestyle guidance, as well as promoting movement as part of promoting well-being.
In the project, a common approach is being built to guide the comprehensive mobility experience. This approach combines expertise in the social, health and sports fields with experiential pedagogy and experiential learning. Together with the participants involved in the project, we will explore their own attitudes, images and relationship to movement, and develop tools to promote movement and practice their use, taking into account the operating environments of different fields.

As a result of the project, common SOTELI training for the promotion of movement will be created, which can be offered at different educational institutions and at different levels.

Project duration: 1/2024 - 3/2026

The project is implemented with partial financing from the European Social Fund ESF+.

Peacebuilding skills for Youth Workers to prevent
discrimination and to build more equal, inclusive and diverse

Outward Bound Finland Association and Outward Bound Peacebuilding jointly organize training for employees of European Outward Bound schools. The participants, including trainers, come from nine different countries.


The training develops the youth workers' ability to deal with challenges and internal and external conflicts of different communities in their own countries and regions. Education provides the "will and skill" to help others, including young people, to be more compassionate leaders at the local level. To find productive solutions to challenges, as well as collaborative approaches to conflicts. Its importance can be seen in communities that try to meet the needs of immigrants, refugees and underrepresented groups and different identities.


The training includes distance meetings and a one-week training period, which will be held in April -24 at Metsäkartano Youth Center.

Outward Bound Peacebuilding is based in New York, you can visit their websitefrom here.

The training is implemented with Erasmus+ funding.

Socio-cultural inspiration SOI project (ENDED)

In the joint SOI project (socio-cultural guidance and inspiration) of LAB University of Applied Sciences and Outward Bound Finland ry, art and nature-based activity models are tried out and offered, which give students, those in the transition phase of their studies and the professionals who work with them new ways to face and deal with various challenges and changes in life .


Our effort in this project is especially to strengthen the life and everyday life management skills and resilience of young people and young adults. The key to change in the project is experientiality, and it is essential that during the project we find clear ways to describe this change in a way that enables simple duplication of the methods in almost any organization.

Blog post on the subject.

Young people's right to be and succeed project (ENDED)

In the project, work was done with young people placed outside the home and young adults who are clients of child welfare aftercare. In the project, 10 experiential pedagogic and experiential camps in nature were implemented during the year 2022, the goal of which was to strengthen the self-knowledge of the participating young people, discover their own strengths and potentials, strengthen the connection with nature and change negative self-image. With the activity, you can especially influence the fact that in the middle of the negative environment and negative self-image that characterizes placed youth, meaningful activities have been brought, which have produced strong experiences of self-worth, coping and the possibilities of influence.

Experiential pedagogy as a tool for learning and teaching (FINISHED)

The goal of the continuing education project funded by the Board of Education is  increase, strengthen and diversify  preschool and basic education, upper secondary education,  mastery of the pedagogical methods and professional competence of vocational training, adult education and liberal arts teachers, study counselors and support services personnel emphasized in the new OPS. The goal is to increase professionals' understanding of how the learning, growth and development of children and young people can be supported and strengthened with the help of experiences. The project will organize four different training courses, which will be implemented as online studies during the years 2021 and 2023.

Role-playing project (ENDED)

The goal of the role-playing project was to change the activities of professionals who work with young people making their education and career choices. The main target groups of the project were teachers, student counselors, youth workers, professionals working in counseling services and youth hobby counselors. The project provided these professional groups with concrete work tools for identifying activities that strengthen gender segregation, as well as what means professionals can use to mitigate segregation in their own work. The project used experiential pedagogy and experiential learning as a tool for change and development of adults and young people. The project is implemented in cooperation with LAB University of Applied Sciences and Outward Bound Finland. The project was implemented in 2020-2022. 

For project publicationsfrom here.

Nature and art as a learning environment for young people project LUODE (ENDED)

In the LUODE – nature and art as a learning environment for young people's working life skills project, young people were offered various experience and activity environments where they can deepen their future working life skills. These skills such as cooperation and interaction skills, critical thinking, creativity and inner entrepreneurship were learned with the help of nature, exercise, art, media and entrepreneurship education. Resilience and self-reliance, which became central concepts in working life discussions, were also taken into account in the guidance of young people. The focus was to develop the content of internships related to getting to know working life in basic and vocational education. 


The main financier of the project (75%) was the ELY center of Pohjois-Ostrobothnia. The LUODE project was a development and research project in nature and it was ongoing in 2018-2020. 

LUODE project.

My thing-our future project (ENDED)

The goal of the Mun jattu- our future project was to promote the well-being of young people by, among other things, supporting their application for education and working life. The project particularly promoted young people's hobbies, school attendance and studies. The workshops helped to apply for work, participate and feel included. On the other hand, an effort was made to build a new kind of cross-sector cooperation network between professionals working with young people. The purpose of creating this multidisciplinary service network was to strengthen cooperation and information exchange and to make the voice of young people heard among the network.

Learning through phenomena and experiences project (ENDED)

The in-service teacher training project Learning through experiences and phenomena, funded by the Board of Education and implemented by HY+ and Outward Bound Finland, was implemented in the spring of 2018. The scope of the study unit was 5 credits and during the next three periods, the theory of experiential pedagogy, the application of experiential pedagogy as a support for phenomenon-based learning, and a mini OB course were implemented. The study course was implemented in the capital region and the Päijät-Häme area.

The goal of the training was to support teachers to carry out teaching and educational work in accordance with the new OPS, by training them to utilize experiential pedagogical methods in their work. The training offered those participating in the training tools for utilizing experiential pedagogy as part of phenomenon-based learning, across subject boundaries, especially in the natural environment. The aim of the study course was to provide the participants with methods for strengthening the students' overall growth and identity.

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