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Outward Bound Finland ry's membership is a unique network of individuals and communities that share a common interest in experiential pedagogy and experiential learning.


As a member, you promote the organization of experiential pedagogic activities for young people in the weakest position as well as professionals.

For some, membership in Outward Bound Finland ry is a stand for values and principles, for others it is a way to strengthen and deepen their own expertise, and for others the most meaningful thing is meeting like-minded people.  Membership requires commitment to Outward Bound Finland ry's values, which are non-discrimination, accessibility, positive attitude, genuine and supported participation, constructive interaction and respect for diversity. 

That's all.


Information about membership

Since growth and development is the goal of all our work, we want to offer it to our members as well. As a member, you get the training at a slightly lower price. The courses deal with the current themes of human growth and development, experiential pedagogy and adventure education from different perspectives.

Four trainings will be organized in 2024, one in each season. They are organized in the spirit of Outward Bound, outdoors in Finnish nature. The aim of the trainings is to challenge and strengthen the participants both on a personal and professional level and to offer opportunities for unique encounters.

In addition to trainings, members can participate in webinars organized during the year, the membership letter is sent four times a year. 

You can easily become a member online all year round. All membership fee categories entitle the right to vote at board meetings. 

Amount of membership fee: 

  • 20 eur student, pensioner, unemployed

  • 30 eur basic price

  • 300 eur for communities and companies

If you are interested in community membership for your organization, leave tsave

contact request.

As in all associations, also in Outward Bound Finland ry, the board accepts all new members. Approval takes about a month, a little longer in the summer. A separate notice of acceptance as a member will not be sent.

We are happy and grateful for every member who wants to join us in making the world more compassionate. 

We are committed to respecting the privacy of our members and we only collect and process relevant information and delete outdated information as quickly as possible. Personal data will not be disclosed outside the association. We comply with the GDPR data protection regulation that entered into force in 2018. 

Privacy statement of the member register

Rules of Outward Bound Finland ry

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