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Outward Bound Finland Association

Outward Bound Finland Association is a youth work service organization appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, whose goal is to strengthen the skills of professionals working with children and young people and the comprehensive well-being of young people by promoting the use of adventure and experiential pedagogy in the field of education and guidance.

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Who are we?

We are a community that looks like our creators, motivated and based on volunteerism, where, in addition to strong experiential pedagogic expertise, there is a lot of warmth, gentleness, acceptance and good energy.  For more than 25 years, we have been taking people to different natural environments to help them discover their own abilities, resources and potential. Experiential pedagogy and adventure education is an important work method and approach for all of us, and we believe that what we do has real meaning in our society. We speak for self-discovery, connection with nature and working together, and our mission is to change the lives of individuals through challenges and experiences. Our mission is bold and ambitious; we want to create a world around us that is even more compassionate. 

In addition to our core team, our community consists of professionals from various fields who are interested in experiential pedagogy and experiential learning, whom you can meet as trainers or instructors on our courses and excursions. 

Contact information

Our community also includes a large, multi-professional group of instructors.  

The target groups of our activities are education, guidance and social professionals who work with young people, young people and young adults, and everyone who is interested in experiential pedagogy and experiential learning as a method of growth and development.  Our activities are open to everyone and the principles of our activities are non-discrimination, accessibility, a positive attitude, genuine and supported participation, constructive interaction, respect for diversity and an equal way of thinking. The background of our activities is the socio-pedagogical view that every young person should be given challenges of their own size, through which the young  notices that he is trusted, he is encouraged, knows and can do it himself. In this way, the young person gets excited to take responsibility for himself and his environment.


Our operations are guided by our values; equality, acceptance of differences, respect for oneself, others and the environment, honesty, sincerity and acceptance of feelings. 

Originally, the term Outward Bound meant a flag that was hoisted in the hold of a ship when it left its home port for new and unknown adventures. The flag said the ship was independent in its decisions. Today, Outward Bound centers in more than 35 countries  all over the world are preparing young people and young adults for the journey of their own life.

Read more about our international network: 

Home - Outward Bound


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Apix Messaging Oy / 003710103564 / 003710103564

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Come to us for an internship!

Student! Do you want to challenge yourself, use your skills and learn more as part of our motivated community? Do you want to complete your internship where the mission is to make the world around us more compassionate?

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