Transforming experiences – Interns...

In January this year I did an internship with Outward Bound Brasil. I’m very happy I got the opportunity since I have been interested about Outward Bound for a long time and to work with experiential learning.

I took part in the leader team at a program called Desafio, Challenge. The Desafio is a 12 days long program for teenagers with hiking and canyoneering in Serra de Mantigueiras...

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Wilderness First Aid Course

Serious or not serious?

A while ago TBI, STOPEATS, ICP and AVPU sounded like a weird jargon a normal person could never understand. After the Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) and BRIDGE courses to become a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), they all make perfect sense.

Learning useful skills on how to stabilize a patient with life-threatening problems, traumatic injuries or...

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Touch of Tuntsa 2017

“Sleeping outside in a snow cave? You must be crazy!” this is what my friends said to me when I told them about my enrolment for that trip. And I had to admit it is crazy but I was curious about figuring out how it will be go on an expedition with strangers in finish Lapland. And this is what I did! And I don’t regret anything. It was breath-taking in so many ways. I really learned to push...

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A Touch of Tuntsa 2016

On March 27, my journal entry said, “Today was magical.”

For four days and nights that week, I was challenged constantly. During my exchange semester in Finland, I signed up for an Outward Bound Finland course called A Touch of Tuntsa. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into, but I was excited to see the beautiful Finnish Lapland and use...

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