Participation rate and the cancellation policy

Health form

Safety of the participants and the instructors is crucial in Outward Bound Finland’s courses. Educational objectives cannot be achieved if they are not done safely.
Safety is our number one priority and that is why we collect also the health information from our participants. You can download the health form here . Fill out and send the health form and sent it filled back to us.


For international travel, you need travel insurance that covers sickness during your trip. We also recommend that you check the coverage of your insurance for domestic training. Please also check the validity of your passport when traveling abroad. Outward Bound Finland has liability insurance.

Cancellation policy:

If the course is canceled 30 days before the course, the organizer will charge 50% of the course fee. In case of cancellation two weeks before the course or closer, the organizer will charge the full amount of the course fee.

By paying the course reservation fee, you confirm your place on the course. Every open training we organize has a minimum group size that must be filled in order for the training or trip to be organized. The course is completed when the minimum group size is full. You can check the minimum group size in the course description.

The student has the right to cancel the course due to force majeure. The obstacle to departure must be proven by a reliable explanation, such as a medical certificate, a police investigation report or an insurance company’s statement. Course participants have the right to cancel the course and get back the price paid for the trip, except the booking fee.

For free courses, we charge an office fee of € 50 if the cancellation takes place one week before the course.

The Outward Bound Finland Association will withhold the right to change instructors, trainers and course locations.