Outward Bound is a pioneer in adventurous education in the world and an expert in experiential training and outdoor safety in Finland.

Outward Bound International carries out an international security inspection for Outward Bound Finland every two years. OBF also follows the official regulations and laws in Europe and in Finland for securing safety in the field.

Adventures should be a safe experience both for participants and for instructors without unnecessary risks. The safety plan always takes into account the physical, psychological and social aspects. Participation in adventure activities is always voluntary for participants.

Health form

Safety of the participants and the instructors is crucial in Outward Bound Finland’s courses. Educational objectives cannot be achieved if they are not done safely.

Safety is our number one priority and that is why we collect also the health information from our participants. You can download the health form here . Fill out and send the health form and sent it filled back to us.

Risk management and Safety plan

In real expedition there is always certain amount of risk involved. We try to minimize the risks by planning the expedition well, preparing ourselves for possible problems and having a professional guide leading the expedition.

To ensure the correct risk management of each course, a detailed safety plan and risk analysis are always prepared.


Outward Bound Finland is responsible for objectively choosing suitable instructors for each course by evaluating the required skills in safety, technical skills, pedagogical skills, personal skills, experience, special areas of expertise and the instructor’s situation in life. The basic principle is that our instructors must be able to operate in much more demanding conditions than they are taking the group into. Outward Bound Finland supervises instructor’s required skill level and organizes regularly opportunities for further training.

Outward Bound Finland’s instructors are professional trainers and facilitators and each of them has their own expertise and strengths. They come from different backgrounds and are chosen much for their ability to lead and deal with people as they are for their interpersonal and technical skills. You can read more about our team.