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Outward Bound® Finland has been organizing Wilderness First Aid courses with Wilderness Medical Associates since 1999 around Finland. WMA courses are highly valued among the outdoor professionals.


The course is cancelled for now due to Covid19



Description and objectives of the training


Wilderness Advanced First Aid is comprehensive medical training designed for remote professionals or wilderness leaders who venture into remote and challenging environments. Wilderness Medicine differs significantly from standard first aid courses and other training that are oriented toward urban environments. This course differs significantly from standard Red Cross courses and other programs that are oriented toward the urban environment. This course teaches what to do with a medical emergency when help is kilometers or hours away and calling 112 is difficult. We prepare students for emergency situations that involve prolonged patient care, severe environments and improvised equipment.


The trainers of the course have vast experience in different rescue organizations and they are familiar with circumstances typical in Finland. The official amount of instruction is 38 hours. Typically, mornings are devoted to lectures, discussions and quizzes, with afternoons devoted to practical hands-on sessions. Evenings are reserved for study and assignments.There is an exam at the end of the course and all students who successfully complete the test, will receive WAFA certification card and WMA degree which are well-known and appreciated in Finland as well as across the world. These cerfitications remain valid for three years. Successful completion with certification is based on 100% attendance, satisfactory performance on homework assignments and written quizzes, demonstrated proficiency with practical skills and a grade of 80% or better on final written exam.

The course starts at 9:00 am. Course is held in English and also all the materials are in English.


 After WAFA you can participate on Bridge course  and you will be able to upgrade yourself into Wilderness First Responder.  This year Bridge course is held 16-19.11.2020 in Vierumäki. 




405 €/person 

Including teaching,  all the equipment needed during the course and study material. The price doesn’t include accommodation or food. 

You can inquire about accommodation directly from the Outdoor Academy where the course is held; Erik Rudels 040-5537322 erik.rudels (@) kvarnen.fi

You can buy breakfast and lunch at the course venue, dinner must be done by yourself. Other accommodation options in the area; http://botniahotel.fi/en/home/


Enrollment and enquiries


Fill in the enrollment form before  25.9.2020.

You will be sent an info letter and invoice after the last enrollment day.

Enrollment is guaranteed in terms of cancelling.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact us.









Date: 2.11.2020 - 5.11.2020

Place: Outdoor Academy: Torgarentie 4, 68500 Kruunupyy

Price: 405 € / person

Outward Bound Finland enrollment form

Remember that by sending the enrollment form you commit to participate for the course and there are terms for cancelling in our courses that you can read about from the course information.

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