Touch of Tuntsa 2017

“Sleeping outside in a snow cave? You must be crazy!” this is what my friends said to me when I told them about my enrolment for that trip. And I had to admit it is crazy but I was curious about figuring out how it will be go on an expedition with strangers in finish Lapland. And this is what I did! And I don’t regret anything. It was breath-taking in so many ways. I really learned to push myself to the limit and that your strongest enemy is your mind.


Journey report about my Lapland expedition – Touch of Tuntsa 2017

I have never skied in this ways before and 4 days later I made it up a hill and down…to see this development in such a short time was impressive for me. We had really good instructors who were helping not to give up and even stand up after the 10th time of falling down on the last 200 meters. But it was the whole package which made this trip to an unforgettable one, who can say I was sitting at a bonfire in a snow village we shovelled by ourselves and watching northern lights. I can do now; it is really an experience I don’t want to miss. I get to know really wonderful people and we became such a great team in such a short time because we had to work together and everyone was supporting each other that gave me really the strength to ski even when I was in the end each day really exhausting. But it was a good feeling of exhaustion because you got reward for your work with beautiful views and great conversations.

I learned a lot of myself while this trip and that it is worth to do things even if you are first struggling about doing. All in all it was a wonderful week we learned much and got thought really well it was a complete package of authentic nature experience. The little hostel we slept in the days we didn’t slept outside was so cosy and the food was amazing, even when our outdoor Trangia food was definitely a 3 stars menu as well.

I can just recommend everyone who is thinking about taking part in this expedition do it! You won’t regret it. Don’t worry about your sportive conditions´, I am also not a sports student or marathon runner and I made it. This is what the practice days are made for, and they really help to feel more confident of being able to do it. And that’s the good thing about being part of a group we decided together how far we wanted to walk.  So there are no points at all which are stopping you from taking part.

Thanks for the great pictures, the great companies and one of the best memories of my studies abroad.

Lena Hartmann